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If I Could Be A Doughnut
Copyright 2008
Peter A. Letendre

Doughnut Tidbits"If I Could Be A Doughnut" in Greenwoods

The book's title poem, “If I Could Be a Doughnut,” captures the unifying concept behind all of the verses — a child's imagination is a priceless joy to be celebrated.

From the book's preface:

Peter's poetry pencil!I wrote this book to amuse myself while enduring a long episode of flu. After the flu left, I was still writing. It seemed that I got a bug of a different sort. I enjoyed stepping into a world where animals, insects, dreams, ghosts and strange monsters gathered and mingled with kids and cowboys to make life a little lighter.


This diverse collection of 68 poems includes a host of fun characters:

  • Shirt brat who insists on calling his mother "babe"

  • Grumbling onion who surprisingly dislikes other vegetables

  • Johnny Sandals, a laid-back cowboy who prefers sandals to cowboy boots

  • Larry, the dancing lion, who finds freedom with a skateboard

  • Paulie, the raindrop, who needs extra coaching to make it down to earth

Read some poems:

Listen to a few poems here.

Children will chuckle often, but not all entries are comical. If I Could Be A Doughnut has poems to captivate children of many ages and interests.

Ideas for discussing poems in If I Could Be A Doughnut

  • Includes descriptions of several poems

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